Bankruptcy in Orlando

Bankruptcy is defined as the means by which you as a debtor may relieve yourself of many kinds of oppressive unsecured debts, stop creditor harassment, and depending upon which chapter you file under, force a repayment scheme on certain kinds of secured debts. Federal law provides bankruptcy as a way for you to get a “fresh start” in life with respect to your debts.  The Bankruptcy Code (Title 11, United States Code) is designed to relieve you of burdensome debts by either eliminating most of them completely (Chapter 7) or by forcing a repayment scheme (Chapter 13 reorganization) on many kinds of creditors to help ensure that you can remain a contributing member of society.  The etymology of the word “bankrupt” is interesting (but speculative). It’s believed that in times past, money brokers transacted their business on tables or benches.  When they couldn’t pay their debts and became insolvent or they disappeared from the scene, their benches were broken up, or in another word, they were bankrupted.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be filed for by either individual debtors or by entire companies or entities and is by far the most popular type of bankruptcy in the United States. During this process, the debtor’s assets are seized, excluding those assets that are exempt, and are then used to pay off the debts the person has accumulated. Once this has been done, the bankruptcy will appear on the filer’s credit report for up to ten years. Not everyone will be eligible for this type of bankruptcy as those debtors who have a large enough disposable income to support a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan will have to opt for that choice.  With this process, Robert Pflueger will work with you and draw up a plan of action for repaying your debts over a pre specified amount of time.  Providing that the federal bankruptcy court accepts this reorganization plan, you will then be able to slowly and carefully pay off your remaining debts. This type of bankruptcy will show up on your credit report for seven years and is often looked upon more favorably than a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

With the proper guidance and experienced legal support, choosing bankruptcy does not have to be the end of your financial life but rather a new beginning.  During your initial consultation, Robert H Pflueger will evaluate your situation and help you decide which, if any, form of bankruptcy is best for you.  He will help you understand all aspects caused and affected by bankruptcy including life after bankruptcy.  Knowledge is power so once you thoroughly and completely comprehend both the process and all of the ramifications involved, you can feel more comfortable as your begin to navigate your way through bankruptcy with your lawyer by your side.  If you choose Orlando Bankruptcy as your law firm, we will focus on ensuring that you receive a full bankruptcy discharge of your eligible debts while keeping all of your exempt assets.  Florida has generous exemption laws and most of our clients are able to keep their assets after filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7.  If it is determined that filing for Chapter 13 is a better option for you, we will prepare and get approval of a repayment plan from the bankruptcy court that is realistic and manageable for the long term.  In any case, you will always be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Imagine your life without the dread of dealing with creditor phone calls, letters from collection agencies, harassment, and even impending litigation. Don’t let creditors take advantage of you and make you feel as if you have no one to turn to.  Through a simple consultation with bankruptcy attorney Robert H Pflueger, you can get the assistance you need because he will help you resolve the legal and financial problems of your past while helping you prepare for the future.  When you trust him to handle your case, you have the peace of mind that only comes with the knowledge that an honest, fair, affordable, and compassionate attorney genuinely cares about your future.  Robert Pflueger insists on giving respect and personal attention to each case and he will help you make the right choices.

At Orlando Bankruptcy, our main priority is to alleviate your financial and mental concerns by getting the relief that you need and deserve with our goal being to provide you with the highest level of legal service. We value your business and the one thing our experience has taught us is to treat you the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We have found that by holding true to this philosophy, we are able to achieve positive results for our clients and accomplish their objectives.  We engage in time saving and efficient practices so call us today so we can get you started back on the road to financial freedom and relief from your debt.  It is not easy to deal with financial problems but the sooner you make the decision to get the legal help you need, the sooner you will see a more manageable future. Attorney Robert Pflueger and the staff at Orlando Bankruptcy are here for you and remember; you do not have to go through bankruptcy alone.