Debt Happens

Most people never thought they would have to file for bankruptcy.  The staff at The Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger, P.A. knows and understands that life can be unpredictable.  A divorce can mean a drastic drop in income.  Medical bills can go far beyond what your insurance will pay and eliminate your savings.  Jobs can be lost, and you may be facing the possibility of losing your home.  Whatever the reason, bankruptcy is part of our legal system because people need a way to start over.  The stigma regarding bankruptcy has faded and been replaced by the view that it is a fresh start after a time of trouble.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is about starting over and getting a fresh start.  You can get back in control of your financial future quickly and effectively.  “There is no need to feel any shame for considering bankruptcy.  In today’s economy, many people, from all walks of life, can be in the same situation you might be facing”, stated Mr. Pflueger.

Mr. Pflueger has specialized in bankruptcy law for over 30 years and he understands the law and every aspect of the bankruptcy procedure.  He is a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, who understands the local rules, the trustee’s preferences, the local judge’s rulings, and how to negotiate with creditors.  His experience can work for you!

The Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger, P.A. has been actively engaged in over thousands of bankruptcy and reorganization cases during Mr. Pflueger’s career.  His experience covers all aspects of bankruptcy litigation, including avoidance and recovery of preferences, fraudulent conveyances, and corporate issues.

After helping clients and discharging millions of dollars in debt, the team at The Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger, P.A. has the background needed to explain your alternatives and suggest the best solution to your financial difficulties.  Bankruptcy law is very complex, so you need a bankruptcy lawyer that deals with these issues on a daily basis.

The staff at The Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger, P.A. is always striving to provide the highest level of client service available.

The Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger, P.A. has an unbeatable reputation.  Mr. Pflueger has one of the most aggressive bankruptcy practices in the area.  He is an attorney with a record of success, and has earned the respect of his colleagues.  Robert Pflueger’s aggressive representation, extensive experience, and his excellent representation of debtors in financial distress have earned him that reputation.

Because Robert Pflueger’s law office handles only bankruptcy cases, his clients have the peace of mind that their cases are being handled by one of the most experienced bankruptcy lawyers around.

As your bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Pflueger will work with you to establish a fair fee, and provide you with a flexible payment plan.

Don’t delay.  Get the fresh start you deserve by calling the Law Office of Robert H. Pflueger today at (407) 339-2022 to schedule your consultation and let the professional’s help you overcome your financial misfortune.

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